Queen’s Birthday Party – to honour her 90th

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Both the Reception Class and Key Stage one joined together in a joint birthday party to honour the Queen’s 90th.  There was a array of wonderful treats on hand, with help from the parents of course!  A feast of popcorn, cupcakes, biscuits and juice!  This month the children received a letter from the Queen after sending her letters, drawings and birthday wishes.  There was excitement all around!

Reception Class visit to the Bluebell Wood

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The Reception Class had a forest adventure to mark the beginning of Spring.  The children were simply amazed and enchanted by the spectacular display of bluebells and compared it to an ocean of blue!  The visit to Whippendell wood included a snack and an adventure.  The soggy weather didn’t dampen the children’s spirits!!

Spring/Easter Bonnet Parade

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Just prior to the school Easter/spring break….the children of the school tapped their creativity and designed bonnets to commemorate the onset of Spring.  They fashionably paraded around the temple compound and then returned to the school for an assembly and awards for the most unusual and spectacular hats!!!  Definitely the reception children (with the aid of their parents) had the winning hats!!! Have a look at the photos to get an idea of these amazing creations!

Environment Week

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The children took part in an environmental week to raise awareness of how we are affecting the planet.  In conjunction with th Hertsmere Environmental Office, Gemma Paris, the children took part in the national scheme “Clean for the Queen”.  They collected bags of litter, large and small items along the A41 and became increasingly aware of how negligent the public are with their rubbish.  It definitely raised their awareness and their determination to be kinder to the planet themselves.  The following day Gemma came and presented a session on recycling and the children all made their own paper.   Environmental awareness is not something we do only for one week but it a big part of our philosophy – respecting Mother Earth!  The children of Year 1 and 2 have been constructing a bug hotel as part of their outdoor learning this week.  More environmental projects to follow!

Spreading a bit of Good cheer in the Village

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The children of the KS1 Jagannath class went out to the village of Letchmore Heath, knocking on doors, singing Christmas Carols and distributing home made cookies, cards and some vegetarian cookbooks.   They were received with smiles and appreciation!

Winter Celebration Assembly

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Both Reception and KS1 classes conducted a brilliant Celebration Assembly during the last weeks of the term.  The Rama class performed a Damodara Lila play as well as a charming Christmas musical dance/drama.  Dantasya showcased some of the brilliant learning the children had been involved with this term.  Priya’s class demonstrated through dance/drama the 7 life processes learnt in Science.  The children read some of their stories and they all had done stars naming some of their special qualities.  They also recited the prayers that they had learned in Sanskrit.  At the end of the Assembly each child was individually praised for some aspect of their learning or behaviour and received a good clap and a cheer.

Reception kids visit to London Zoo Nativity

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Just before the end of term the children of the Reception Class went on a Nativity adventure at the London Zoo.  Not only were they treated to seeing so many wonderful animals but took part in the Living Nativity where they were walked through different aspects of the story of the Birth of Jesus complete with animals and actors.  It was an engaging and educational day out in the London sunshine!!

KS2 visit the Houses of Parliament

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Following on from our Democracy Week and Elections last May, the children of the upper school wanted to visit the Houses of Parliament to find out more about how our country works.  The year 5 & 6 group visited the new Education Centre and took part in a workshop entitled “People’s Parliament”  and the Year 3 and 4 group on “Your voice”.  Both groups were treated to a special tour of the Houses of Parliament and a chance to sit in the gallery and watch Parliament in session.  They also heard about the history of the Houses of Parliament and saw many of the great figures of the past in sculpture and painting.  They learned about the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and how the sessions run.  They also got a chance to do a mock vote, represent their ideas and the lower Key Stage 2 group hear about Emily Pankhurst and the Suffragette Movement.

A special treat was a meeting with their local MP Oliver Dowden, who has previously come and visited Bhaktivedanta Manor.   He answered many of their questions before he had to dash off.

The children were very excited before and after this trip and I would say that it is a really well organised and informative school outing.  The new Education Centre is a fantastic facility with interactive and surround audio visual presentations and live workshops!

Visit to St. John the Baptist Church, Aldenham

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As part of the school’s Multi faith week, the children of Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) visited our local St John’s the Baptist Church and were hosted by the Vicar, Rev Robert Fletcher.  The church has a great history of worship since the 13th century and so the children were able to explore the history as well as the customs and beliefs of Christianity.  Rev Fletcher gave wonderful explanations at every stage and the children in turn asked loads of questions.  As Christians were gearing up for Christmas the children also heard the story of Christmas and how Christians in the past and present honour the day. It is a very special medieval church and the children behaved very respectfully throughout the morning.  They also learnt on many different levels.  A big thank you to Rev Fletcher for such an engaging morning.

Govardhan Puja 2015

Govardhan Puja festival

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The children had been preparing for the Govardhan festival all week.  The reception class made marzipan snakes, the Jagannath class baked and decorated biscuits, the Gaura Nitai class made decorations and the Vrindavan class prepared to decorate the hill.  The festival was held down at the Cow Barn which was prepared by the Jaya Krishna and the Cowhersmen down there!!   It was a perfect environment…Sitting on the hay bales the children were treated to a special impromptu drama by Tulasi, Yogi, Saurabh who also involved the children as villagers.  Following the drama, amidst the sounds of the cows mooing the children sang as they circumambulated Govardhan Hill.  And what a display it was….hundreds of sweets, biscuits, cakes and savouries.  Following this, all the children had the opportunity to decorate the cows with handprints and feed them with carrots as it was also the special day of honouring the cows called Go puja.  The children eventually made it back to the classroom to relish all the wonderful prasad from Govardhan.  But not for too long because a special treat awaited them – an exciting ride on the bullock cart pulled by 2 very special bulls completed the day of festivities.  A special thanks to the Cow protection team!!!