Year 5/6 Camping Trip to Camber Sands

The Camping Trip – By Nishtha Chezian (Year 6)
So the day started with a 6 hour long road trip, but it was worth it. Our camping fields were 31, 32, 33 and when we finally reached there we started eating lunch. It was way past 1 o’clock.
Next came the mattresses and tents. One by one we took our mattresses to be blown up by an electrical pump. Once we finished the mattresses, I lazed on mine, trying to read a book but I finally decided to help with the tents.
Swimming pool time! We played in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, wave simulator and water slide. After that we just relaxed and I played tennis and talked with my friends. After a while it was dinner time – mashed potato and baked beans were made by Mother Moksha.
The next day, we went to the park, then chanted Japa, then said our prayers and began eating cereal.
We then headed to the beach – it was sooooo warm that I just lay on the hot sand and sunbathed then crawled into the sea and splashed everyone!
In the swimming pool, we invented a new game called ‘the ball game’ and we had to try get the ball which the other team is throwing to each other.
Everyone was depressed about leaving and wishing they could stay for at least one more night. As I sadly packed my things, except my swimming things and clothes, I said goodbye to our camping fields and helped pack away the tents.
Goodbye Camber Sands. Goodbye camping holiday – the best holiday in my life.

At the end of May, the children from the Year 5/6 Class visited Camber Sands in East Sussex for a 3 day camping trip! We were fortunate to have blue skies and sunshine for the duration of the trip and the children spent their time visiting the beach and sand dunes, finding shells, stones to paint and plenty of crabs and swimming in the newly refurbished swimming pools – which had 2 jacuzzis, a whirlpool and a water slide. They played in the amazing playground on-site and thoroughly enjoyed using the aqua-jets and hamster balls in the pool! The on-site tennis courts proved a big hit and the large areas surrounding the tent were great for frisbee and ball games, whilst Mother Moksha prepared delicious camping prasadam and her famous ‘camping cake’! I think we can say the children had a wonderful experience they will never forget!

Yoga For A Healthy Body and Mind

Our school children have been taking part in Yoga classes this Spring Term to help them with their physical, emotional and spiritual development and well-being. They have a very experienced teacher who has been showing them how to focus and channel their energy whilst also creating a vibrant learning experience through storytelling and, as you can see, their interest shows by how much they have been engaging within the lessons!

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Goverdhana Puja

The children congregated in the Hay barn for their Annual Govardhan puja celebration.  The mood of Vrindavan was recreated with the mooing of the cows, the hay bales and mostly because of the wonderful Govardhan Hill created with sumptuous offerings of sweets, biscuits and savouries prepared by the children and their parents.  After hearing the animated story by Jahnavi and Mother Renu, the children danced around Govardhan enthusiastically.  Go puja followed next….lovingly feeding the cows and decorating them with colourful handprints.  The children had made flower garlands and Shyami and Chakri had the opportunity to garland them.  The day concluded with bullock cart rounds for everyone around the grounds and a wonderful feast that went on for some time.  Thank you to all the children, parents and teachers for their enthusiastic participation!


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Years 1&2 Trip to the Museum of Childhood

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038039The children from the Jagannath Class KS1 took part in an outing to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.  As they were studying old toys in their history classes they took part in an interactive session with the facilitator in which they learned to distinguish whether a toy was old or new by the materials it was made of.   They also got to make their own character dolls to take home out of various materials including wooden clothes pegs, felts, pipecleaners.  Many old toys were put out for them to play with including yo yos, diablos, and other unique things.  They had a great time looking at all the old toys in the museum and of course having a picnic lunch!
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Visit to Radlett Reform Synagogue

The Children from KS2 classes had a very interactive, education and enlivening morning at the Radlett Reform Synagogue.  They learnt about Jewish festivals, praying in the hebrew language, stories from the Old Testament, and were treated to some apples and honey to commemorate the sweet new year.  The facilitator was excellent and the children were not only well behaved over the 2 hours, but asked very relevant and interesting questions.  Here you can see a photo of them with their prayer shawls.

img_0016 img_0055

Multi Faith Day at Hertsmere Council

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On a lovely Autumn day in September members of various local faith communities assembled in the Hertsmere Council Chamber rooms to share their faith perspective on the theme of pilgrmage.  Represented from Bhaktivedanta Manor were three children from our Year 5/6 class.  They were honoured to be able to make their presentation to all assembled and to meet the Mayor of Hertsmere as well as Rev Leslie who coordinated the event.  Thank you to Sneha, Shreya, Nishtha and Rishabh for their confident presentation.    This was followed by vegetarian buffet and interaction between all the communities present.  It was a very positive and inspiring day!

Year 6 Expedition to Budapest and New Vraja Dham

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Last June, the Graduating class of 7 children from Year 6 flew off to Europe for a very memorable, educational and exciting adventure.  With the support and help of one of our former students of Hungarian origin, who had returned to Hungary, we made plans to visit the schools and temples as well as learn a little about the History of Hungary.

We were accompanied on the trip by 3 teachers, 2 governors and parents.  After landing in Budapest, the children made their way by minibus to the school were they were greeted by Damayanti (their friend and former school colleague) and her mother Bhakti devi.  The children settled into their accomodation in the school classroom and later had a meal with their friends.

The next morning the children rose early and made their way walking to the temple.  After the morning programme and breakfast, we all headed out to see the sights of Budapest.   Travelling on the local trams we headed to the river Danube where we would be on a river cruise through the city.  Stopping at Margaret Island, the children were enchanted by the musical water garden, the park, and the lovely zoo.  The following day we set out on the 2 hour journey through the Hungarian countryside to New Vraja Dham.  Staying at newly built Radha’s resort and Wellness centre was a treat and we had 3 apartments.  In the afternoon we all were invited to Damayanti’s 11th birthday lunch on the veranda of the restaurant.  After pizza, chips, cake and ice cream, the children were still enthusiastic to go on a tour of this unique ecovillage.  Visiting the goshalla to see the cows, the underground vegetable store, the temple and all its artistry was really inspiring and uplifting.   The children got to see sustainability in action.

The next day, after attending the morning worship, the children visited a local town which has a natural mineral water baths/springs.   Although it wasn’t particularly warm, the leisure facility hosted indoor and outdoor provision, slides, spa pools over a huge area.  The children (and teachers) had a great time!

The next morning, we visited the new school in the community.  Doing a spontaneous reenactment of one of Krishna’s pastimes with the other students was fun but challenging!!  We were warmly hosted there.

Before we knew it – the trip was coming to an end.  Thanks to Malini (one of the parent governors) all the parents of the children were sent constant updates, photos and commentary.

We would like to thank Bhakti devi, Rasikananda, Damayanti and Danvir, and all the devotees of the Hungarian community for giving us all such a valuable and enriching experience.


Visit to Imperial War Museum London

IMAG2333 (1)

The Vrindavan Class (Year 5 and 6)  visited the Imperial War Museum in the last weeks of the school term with their teachers Mother Padma and Kalindi.    It was an amazing educational experience for them!  Not only did they get to experience life in the trenches in the First World War, but also experienced life in London during the 2nd Word War under attack!  They learnt about rationing and how children were sent to the countryside for safety.   It is most important for the children of all generations to understand the History of Britain during these troubled times.  It is also important for them to get a perspective on conflicts that arise in the world and the cause of them.  Srila Prabhupada, our founding guru spoke about The Peace Formula.  Simply by not identifying with our body, country etc and thinking it better than another’s ….we can find peace and harmony.  By seeing that we are all part and parcel of the same God, we can not let these bodily designations and national obsessions get in the way of peace.

Annual Sports Day 2016


The weather was good to us this year as we managed to hit one clear and warm day amidst many cloud filled rainy ones.  Excitement was in the air as Josh, our sports coach split the children into teams to participate in the annual sports day.  There was a great spirit of competition and sportsmanship displayed by all the children.  Bean bag, javelin throwing, relays…..there was lots on offer!  Both the teachers and sports coach were impressed with the level of progress the children had made in their motor and sporting abilities.  The day was a success with many parents cheering the children on and also participating in a selected race just for them!  The children cooled down with ice lollies at the finish of the eventful and exciting morning.

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Celtic Adventure

During the last week of term the children of both Key Stage two classes went back in time to a Celtic Village situated near Hertford.  The day began with the children separating into 2 tribes.  In their respective tribes the children engaged in various activites to try and win coins.  These included painting distinctive celtic symbols, making rope and head dresses out of straw, archery and a forest trail.  Towards the end of the day we learned about the weapons used by the Celtic Tribes and engaged in a battle with some Roman invaders!

IMG_0283IMG_0296The day ended with a wonderful story in the Celtic roundhouse told by Ewain.   It was seriously one of the most natural and engaging educational days the children have participated in. They absolutely loved it and so did the teachers!!! We also loved the natural surroundings and the eco toilets!