At Bhaktivedanta Manor School we offer the children many opportunities to take part in new activities and experiences.  Cooking is a much enjoyed activity and the children learn to cook sumptuous ‘prasadam’ (offerings) for Lord Krishna.  Drama and Role play is highlighted in our school and the stories from the Scriptures, as well as the philosophy of the Bhagavad gita come alive through this medium.  Every year the children embarked upon a 10 weekcourse in British Sign Language, a part of disability awareness. The school offers the opportunity to learn Handicrafts, Bharatanatyam Dance, Drama, Gardening, Art and Environmental studies, Sports in after school clubs.  As part of the schools multi-faith week the children visit many places of worship locally.  They are also involved in the local interfaith initiatives organised by the Hertsmere Faith Forum.  The children have an informal but ongoing relationships with St. Christophers’ School, Letchworth and in Key Stage one they have penpals who regularly correspond.  We also try to mutually visit the penpals once a year.

The farm provides many opportunities for enrichment and education.  Whenever opportunities arise, we engage in activities with the farm whether it be looking at the beehives, visiting a new born calf or helping to harvest potoates!

The rich grounds provide many opportunities for environmental awareness for the children – the lake, healing gardens, and playing fields.

There are plenty of outings and educational visits to various museums, science centres etc. We have annual visits to local retirement homes where the children sing and perform dramas and distribute sweets to the residents.