We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on the core subjects (Literacy, Numeracy and Science), as well as Geography, History, PSHE, Citizenship, Religious Education (Multi Faith and Faith Nurture), Art, Drama and Physical Education (which includes Yoga and Swimming).

We have been teaching Spanish (MFL) and the children have been learning to communicate with British Sign Language (BSL).

We place great emphasis on academic excellence within the context of a happy and relaxed learning atmosphere. Small class sizes make possible individual attention to each child and form the basis of great student teacher relationships. The teachers strive to encourage the children’s natural curiosity and foster a love of learning which lasts a lifetime. A strong academic foundation is built based on a fine blend of traditional and modern methods and as well as an array of stimulating activities.

Reading is givin high priority and  the school uses various acclaimed reading schemes and an exciting selection of books to inculcate a love of reading. Children are taught to write clearly and imaginatively. We draw on our links to the Vaishnava tradition for writing and other creative activities, within the frame work of the National Curriculum. In the senior years the children are encouraged to develope their ideas by planning, drafting and experimenting with content, form and styles of written language.

Morning Programme

The school day also includes an optional spiritual programme in the early morning hours (7:00 – 9:00 a.m.) leading upto the daily academic curriculum. This greatly enriches the child’s time at school. The programme includes japa (chanting), scriptural study and interactive discussions which are catered to the children’s understanding. The children also enjoy delicious breakfast prasadam.